Treefrogs Services

With more than fifteen years of service TreeFrogs offers a full end to end solution for your arborist and landscaping needs. Arborcare is seldom a standalone requirement, TreeFrogs Arborcare offer a FULL TREE SERVICE that can include:

Safe Tree Removal

We have all of the necessary equipment and experience to perform your tree removal project safely, efficiently, and economically. We are often called upon to complete dangerous projects where others are ill-equipped. Trees can be safely hoisted over houses, garages or neighboring property if need be by our experienced staff. However, if no large equipment can be used, we are fully capable of rigging trees down safely using state of the art equipment designed for such purposes as well.

Canopy Restoration

Tree canopy restoration offers multiple benefits. It greatly enhances your tree’s ability for shade production, as well as offering vastly improved tree health and growth. But there’s still an overlooked aspect. And that is safety. When trees are healthier they are far less prone to falling during storms and other natural occurrences. This is especially important for trees that reside near your house. By taking part in tree canopy restoration you’ll be assuring the maximum safety and beauty from all your trees, which will give you peace of mind as well as enjoyment.

Consent Paperwork Requirements

Not sure where to start when applying and filling out council consents and paper work? TreeFrogs can help remove that headache and will liase with local councils quickly and efficiently to make sure all concents are met and approved before work commences.

Landscaping & Planting

TreeFrogs can help with re-modeling existing landscapes or help you design and construct your new ones. With our expert knowledge of tree and cultivars we can select and plant for all design types and environments.

Mulching & Mulch Delivery

Mulch is terrific to cover your soil. It conserves moisture, improves growth and heal, reduces weed growth and enhances visual appeal. TreeFrogs can mulch onsite our provide delivery and distribution of organic mulch compounds to help you protect your soil.

Wood Chipping

Treefrogs can chip up your old branches or trees which can then be used as mulch, fuel or ground surfacing.

Dead wooding/pruning

In order to avoid insect and fungal problems, it is important to regularly prune out wood that is dead. Diseases and insects are attracted to dead branches on trees and shrubs, and once they have been established there, they will spread into live and healthy wood. If allowed to remain, these pests will weaken the tree, allowing other insects and disease to become established. Eventually the tree will die of one or many of these causes.

Stump Removal & Grinding

TreeFrogs utilise several versatile machines to remove any stump you may have. We have self-propelled units as well as a large tow behind machines to adapt to any particular situation. Difficult access? No problem, as we can crane our machines into areas where others cannot.


TreeFrogs can take care of all your home or commercial garden requirements. From lawn mowning to planting and yard cleanup. We have the tools and experience to cater for both small and large garden projects, and can help you organise a structure maintenance routene to keep your garden at a high and healthy standard.

Palm & Hedge Shaping

The correct shaping of Palm and Hedges is both a skill and an artform. For safety reasons large, heavy canopy palms should be well maintained to prevent deadfall, and hedges when properly trimmed and maintained allow sun to penetrate and prevent damp shadow pockets which can lead to self-strangulation and insect infestations.

Rubbish Removal/Section Clearing

TreeFrogs have the personell and the transport to cart away all your garden rubbish and leave your yard in a clean, inviting state.